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Leytech Car Batteries

High Cranking Power
Long LIfe
Low water loss
Long Reserve Capacity
Factory charged and ready to use condition

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Tall Tubular Battery

Designed for Long life, Get more Electrolyte Per Ampere Hour. It has Low Maintenance. Wide used in UPS, Inverter, Solar, Telecommunication, Railway

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E-Rickshaw Battery

Long lasting service life, High Effective Discharging, It has No Periodic Electrolyte Filling, It has Significant Sealing Structure

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About us - The Ley Tech

Everything at LEY TECH is Geared Towards Excellence

sophisticated manufacturing facilities. Extensive R&D. Advanced multi-level quality control. A Focus on continous improvement.
At Ley tech Industries, we are committed to bring the best. Our Vision is to deliver total customer satisfaction because we believe it is the only way to leadership in the industry.

To become a true leader in the two wheeler battery industry

To become a pace setter for the times ahead

Setting The Standards Setting The Pace

Made with new generation technology, each ley tech battery has to undergo an eleborate testing and quality assurance programme that includes strict checks at every state in the production process.
For Example, advanced equipment like the atomic absorptin spectrophotometer is used to analyze even the raw materials themselves
All Components from the casing to the battery plates are thoroughly tested for their ability to withstand mechanical stress of continous heavy duty operation.
The PE separators and glass mates are evaluated for their durability and resistance to wear and tear.
Only the finest quality chemicals are cleared for use in ley tech batteries. Because only such quality can prevent deep discharge failure, a common problem with ordinary batteries.

The Result : Batteries that are hard to beat

when you buy a ley tech battery, you get true value for money.
long life, consistently excellent performance and most important, virtually no maintanance-all make ley tech batteries unbeatable in their category.
two wheelers equipped with ley tech batteries benefit from quick engine starts under all conditions. all will rarely stop due to battery failure in the long run.